LIVE: Al Gore's "Dirty Weather Report"

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LIVE: Al Gore's "Dirty Weather Report"

International dialogue combats climate change myths

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Tonight marks the start of Al Gore's "24 Hours of Reality: The Dirty Weather Report," a live online broadcast about the connections between climate change and extreme weather events.

In a video announcing the event, Gore states:

We face a global crisis of unprecedented proportions. We're dumping 90 million tons of heat-trapping carbon pollution into the atmosphere every 24 hours and its altering our climate. Now we find ourselves living in—what the scientists call—a new normal of more extreme weather. It's happening all over the world with increasing frequency. And the results—fire, flood, drought, crop and livestock devastation, refugees, just to mention a few—impact everyone, everywhere.

This year we are creating the Dirty Weather Report, because the weather we are experiencing now is just that, dirty. It's fueled by dirty fossil fuel energy and misinformation. This crisis has to be understood in order to be stopped.

Produced by the Climate Reality Project—a global movement to demand climate action founded by the former Vice President—the second of such events aims to refute the climate change misinformation by featuring "news, voices, and multimedia content across all 24 time zones" who will share and discuss how the impacts of climate change affect their lives and homes.

You can watch the live stream from November 14 at 8pm (EST) to November 15 at 7pm (EST) on the Climate Reality Project homepage.

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