Elizabeth Warren Took on Wall Street, Wins US Senate Seat

Elizabeth Warren Took on Wall Street, Wins US Senate Seat

Progressive champion Elizabeth Warren, who built her campaign around an intellectual and moral attack on Wall Street malpractice in the wake of the financial crisis in 2008, has unseated Republican Senator Scott Brown in Massachusetts.

"This victory is for you," Warren told her supporters just before 11:00 PM on Tuesday, following a concession speech by Brown. She vowed to protect working families and small business owners, and promised to "hold the big guys accountable."

Entering the national spotlight as the architect of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Warren remained true to her economic populists arguments as she waged a hotly contested campaign fight against Brown.

As the Boston Globe reports:

Warren had delivered a ringing message, portraying herself as a champion fighting for ordinary people who were being cheated by a system rigged for the wealthy. She charged that Republicans were on the side of "billionaires and millionaires and big oil companies."

In debates, she sought to turn attention to Brown's voting record. A high school debate champion, she relentlessly highlighted his votes against jobs bills, against equal pay for women, and against mandated insurance coverage for birth control. She also criticized his joining other Republicans in a no-taxes pledge. She said that a vote for Brown was a vote for Republican control of Congress.

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