Bahrain Charges Police Officers for Torture During 2011 Uprising

(Photo: Agence France-Presse)

Bahrain Charges Police Officers for Torture During 2011 Uprising

Seven lieutenants in Bahrain were charged on Monday with torturing up to 20 Shia medics in order to obtain confessions during last year's uprising and pro-democracy protests. The medics had been detained for helping protesters at the height of the protest movement.

The seven officers charged are lieutenants for the interior ministry of the US backed Bahrain government.

Ten other officers were also accused of mistreatment of the medics during the protests and are now being questioned.

Two of the lieutenants facing the steepest charges will be tried in the High Criminal Court over the "use of torture and threats against six medic detainees, for the purpose of forcing a confession," a government statement said on Monday. The others will be tried in the Lower Criminal Court.

Last year's pro-democracy protests saw the death of at least 50 people at the hands of government forces. The US has continued support for the government of Bahrain, where it maintains a base for the US Navy's 5th Fleet.

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