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Deadly Week for Afghan Civilians Ends With More Bloodshed

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An Afghan man shows blood stained civilian clothing at a hospital in Herat province August 15, 2012. (Reuters/Mohammad Shoib)

A bomb exploded in a crowded market in Afghanistan on Saturday killing four and wounding at least 12, ending a deadly week for civilians in the occupied country.

The explosion happened in the Shindand district of the western province of Herat.

"This morning a bomb placed under a bridge in a bazaar exploded and killed four civilians and wounded 12 including three police", provincial spokesman Mohiuddin Noori told Agence France-Presse.

“Once again the enemy has attacked in Herat ... They have no other target than killing civilians,” Noori said.

Agence France-Presse adds that "the bloodshed came as the nation prepared to celebrate the end Ramadan, with many of the victims shopping in bazaars for Eid celebrations."

Violence has spiked this week in Afghanistan.  Over 50 people died on Tuesday, which marked the "deadliest day for Afghan civilians this year" after a deadly series of suicide bombings and shootings took place across the country.  On Wednesday, a bicycle bomb went off in the provincial capital of Herat city, wounding 14.

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