Video Casts Doubt on Trayvon Martin Killer's Depiction of Events

Still from police surveillance video below showing George Zimmerman at the Sanford, Fla. police station

Video Casts Doubt on Trayvon Martin Killer's Depiction of Events

Surveillance video of George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin's killer, recorded at the Sanford police station shortly after the shooting raises doubts about Zimmerman's depiction of the events leading to Martin's death.

According to Zimmerman's account, Trayvon Martin had punched him in the face and began bashing his head into the pavement.

The video, however, seems to show no injuries or blood on Zimmerman.

Craig Sonner, Zimmerman's attorney, has dismissed the video as "grainy" and says Zimmerman had been cleaned up before the video was taken. But according to the funeral director who prepared Martin's body, Martin didn't appear to have been punching anyone.

"The only thing that I was able to see was the gunshot wound," Kurtz told The Last Word. "I could not see evidence like he had been punching somebody as the news media say he was punching ... It just did not add up to me."

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The Guardian: Trayvon Martin aftermath video casts doubt on George Zimmerman's account
Police video recorded after shooting shows George Zimmerman without wounds he claimed Trayvon Martin inflicted

Surveillance video depicting Trayvon Martin's killer hours after the teenager's death has cast doubt on his claims that he was injured in a vicious fight with the victim.

Seen in handcuffs and accompanied by police officers, self-appointed neighbourhood watchman George Zimmerman displays no obvious signs of having been attacked.

The CCTV footage has prompted further questions over Zimmerman's account of the incident. Earlier reports suggested that 17-year-old Martin had attacked the older man first, with the bloodied gunman pulling the trigger in self-defence.

According to police statement leaked to the Orlando Sentinel this week,
Zimmerman was punched in the face before his head was pounded into the sidewalk by Martin during the incident.

The 28-year-old's account of the attack in Sanford, Florida, was said to have been confirmed by eyewitnesses.

Zimmerman's attorney, Craig Sonner, has said repeatedly that his client's nose was broken during the fight, which took place after Martin, an unarmed black teenager, noticed that the neighbourhood watchman had been trailing him from a local shop.

Reports had suggested that police responding to the incidents found Zimmerman bleeding from both his nose and the back of his head.

But CCTV footage, first released by ABC News, appears to cast doubt on the extent of the shooter's injuries.

In it, the 28-year-old's head and face are clearly visible. There appears to be no clear signs of any wounds. Likewise, there are no obvious indications of blood on the front of his T-shirt that could indicate evidence of a broken nose.

It was already known that the shooter was treated by paramedics at the scene, but the lack of any clear injuries has led some to suggest that they have been overstated.

Sanford police confirmed that the man in the video footage is Zimmerman.
It shows him being escorted into a police station shortly after the incident on 26 February.

Responding to the latest development, Ben Crump, a lawyer for the Martin family, said: "This certainly doesn't look like a man who police said had his nose broken and his head repeatedly smashed into the sidewalk."

He added: "George Zimmerman has no apparent injuries in this video, which dramatically contradicts his version of the events of February 26."

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ABC News video: George Zimmerman on Police Surveillance

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