'Flash Occupation' of Los Angeles Banks Planned Today

From LA Weeklytoday:

And you thought the occupation of Los Angeles was over with the raid on Occupy L.A.'s City Hall lawn encampment at the end of November.

Oh no.

The occupy nation is getting ready to confront a series of banks today regarding their take-our-bailout-money-and-our-houses tendencies.

Organizers, including the group Good Jobs LA, are calling today's actions "flash occupations."

They expect 200 people and will descend on an embattled target, the Bank of America Plaza downtown.

But bank branches in Westwood, Inglewood, Compton, and other parts of downtown will also feel their wrath, according to a statement:

The flash occupations will escalate the pressure on the 1% as a response to the continued inaction of Wall Street banks to pay their fair share, put a moratorium on foreclosures and invest in the future of our communities.

All the magic happens at noon at Bank of America Plaza Plaza, 333 S. Hope St.

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And from GoodJobsLA:

Can't make it to the action? Make an impact online.

As of June 2012, Bank of America owned $18.7 billion worth of foreclosed homes, the second highest in the nation. We want large corporations such as Bank of America to do a better job of investing in our communities.

Thursday, we are continuing our fight against corporate greed, but we need your involvement. Starting at 8am community members will gather across Los Angeles to hold Flash Occupations at Bank of America (details here). Let's work together to remind Bank of America that the 99% will hold them accountable.

Here's how you can support these flash occupations using social media:

  1. On February 9th starting at from 9am and continuing on until 5pm - call Bank of America's CEO Brian Moynihan at (972) 526-3610 Tell him to stop foreclosures and invest in the future of our communities. (Note: if you read this a day later, still make the call. It will still make an impact.)

  2. Tweet your personal message to @BankofAmerica. Get involved as we tweet at and about Bank of America all day using the hashtags #makebankspay and #F9.

  3. Go to Bank of America's Facebook Page. Leave your message for CEO Brian Moynihan. Tell him stop foreclosures and invest in the future of our communities.

  4. You can participate in an online chat and watch the on the ground action LIVE on American Social Network by visiting www.livestream.com/AmericanSocialNetwork

* * *

Below, from last November:

A large contingent of police in riot gear face off with 10 Occupy protesters at Bank of America Plaza in Los Angeles on November 17, 2011. Police arrested 47 people on suspicion of trespassing. (UPI/Jim Ruymen)

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