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Thursday, January 2, 2020
Women Who Struggle
Proclaiming "the most important of rights for all women - the right to live," over 3,200 women from 49 countries held a second annual gathering to mark the 25th year in power of the fiery, indigenous, women-led rebel group Zapatistas in southern Mexico. Citing the need to "shout our pain and rage" because "we are still being murdered," a Zapatista leader declared, "This is a war. They are trying to kill us, and we are trying to stay alive, but alive without fear—alive and free."
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Tuesday, December 31, 2019
Yo We Going: This Is About Shining Resiliency
Because it's time for a glimmer of light, here's a dazzling group of black medical students from Tulane outside a former slave cabin at Louisiana's Whitney Plantation museuem - proof of distances traveled, and a heart-lifting "collective vision for the future" to Russell Ledet, Navy veteran, molecular oncology Ph.D and second year med student. " We are our ancestors’ wildest dreams," he says. "This place is meant to destroy us. This place is meant to devalue us. But we here."
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Monday, December 30, 2019
At the Heart of the Darkness That Is Trumpian Fascism
As we prepare to blow up this unholy year, what lingers most chillingly are its crimes against brown humanity, its "irreparable and unnecessary harm done to so many" - the kids in cages, grieving parents, racist invective, grandmothers deported, resisters arrested and, despite all, perpetrators effectively absolved of unconscionable abuses, the most ghastly the deaths of children. May a new year bring the overdue dawning of a moral reckoning, and a modicum of justice.
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Sunday, December 29, 2019
Remove the Stain: Wounded Knee, and the Hate In the World
As terrorists stab Jews, a deranged IMPOTUS calls Obama “Satan’s Muslim Scum," and racist slurs hang in the venomous air, we mark 129 years since the Wounded Knee Massacre, when 300 Lakota women, children and elders were slaughtered by U.S. troops for the crime of being native. In the wake of this country's last, worst act of genocide, descendants on both sides seek to heal, forgive and address the wounds of history: "Your voice can be a cannon, fired in the defense of truth.”
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Tuesday, December 24, 2019
Banksy: Peace on Earth, Good Will to the Forgotten
In this ostensible season of joy, Banksy, elusive master of street art, just devised two tender but searing pieces to urge us to do justice and love mercy, even in improbable places. Amidst widespread homelessness in the U.K., he offered rough sleepers the chance to soar in their dreams. In Palestine, he created the Scar of Bethlehem, a bullet-riddled nativity scene hard by the Apartheid Wall to honor all those living less than celebratory lives. His vision: Joy to the world, all of it.
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Monday, December 23, 2019
Back To the Far Side, and Not A Moment Too Soon
Okay, now for some unimpeachably good news: Gary Larson's beloved, surreal, often unnerving The Far Side comic strip - complete with sly bears, savvy cows, cranky cavemen, weirdo bipeds, inept scientists and dogs outwitting their clueless owners - has arrived online after 24 years in absentia. In his wry re-entry, Larson thanked fans for their patience and confessed to angst about entering the online world. "I’m finally here,” he said. “And I could use a drink.”
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Sunday, December 22, 2019
I Know Windmills Very Much
Bad news: IMPOTUS is a moron, and increasingly unwell. Speaking (sic) this weekend at a conference of young conservatives, the Mad King went off on windmills, his longtime, cancer-causing, golf-course-blighting nemesis. “I never understood wind,” he began. Then, inevitably, “I know windmills very much. I have studied it better than anybody." Then gases, fumes, expensive, killing piles of bald eagles before veering into, " You know we have a world, right?” At this rate, not for long.
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Thursday, December 19, 2019
A Leader of Grossly Immoral Character: The Chosen One Gets Unchosen
Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Remember how everyone said President* Impeachment would never lose the support of see-no-evil evangelicals? Praise God, he just did. After hearings that "illuminated (his) moral deficiencies for all to see," a scathing editorial in the Billy-Graham-founded Christianity Today has called for Trump's removal due to his "blackened moral record." To those who still support the unholy one, it warns, "Remember who you are and whom you serve."
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Wednesday, December 18, 2019
Oh Yeah
And the people rejoiced: Impeachment, or what Twitter dubbed Impeachmas, is here. To one GOPer, it was "this whole flippin' goat rodeo." To Dems, it was "a democracy-defining moment." To many of us, it's a blessed glint of light in a dark, dark tunnel. Meanwhile, Trump ranted at a Michigan rally about Lisa Page, slow toilets, hot pilots, "how badly was Flint?" As the vote came, he said Dems "have branded themselves with an eternal mark of shame." Um, no, that would be you.
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Tuesday, December 17, 2019
So, um, yeah. Trump wrote a "letter." A six-page, lie-filled, bonkers, incoherent, raging, self-pitying meltdown full of "Witch Hunt!" and "Impeachment Hoax!" and "perfect call!" and WTF linguistic gymnastics: "You have cheapened the importance of the very ugly word impeachment!" Some media called it "blistering" or "scorching." Pelosi nailed it with, "Very sick." She also nailed an impeachment eve letter to the House: "If we do not act, we will be derelict in our duty."
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