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Wednesday, January 21, 2009
Not Quite Lincoln (Yet)
Much has been made of the parallels between the improbable journeys of Barack Obama and Abraham Lincoln, and each leader’s appeal to what Lincoln called “the better angels of our nature.” In a cogent piece in The Nation, historian Eric Foner stresses another, less-celebrated aspect of the parallels: the role of activists who in his own beleaguered time called Lincoln to his better angels. Foner wrote: “The Lincoln we should remember is the politician whose greatness lay in his capacity for growth. Much of that growth stemmed from his complex relationship with the radicals of his day, black and white abolitionists who fought against overwhelming odds to bring the moral issue of slavery to the forefront of national life.”
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Check Out...
... the new Obama White House website:
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Of Interest To Each Other
Tuesday's dawning of the much-heralded new day in America was perhaps not irrevocably, indelibly, altogether new - so the cynics will rush to say - but in a relative universe, we'll take it. Consider: We saw a smart skinny black guy with an exotic name, a former community organizer and constitutional lawyer who espouses a seemingly genuine progressive vision, take office as our 44th President. He spoke, first, of being humbled, and grateful, and mindful of the past. He spoke of "men and women obscure in their labor," of slavery and sweatshops, of segregation and Khe Sahn.
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'Homeland Security' and Empty Inaugural Parade Seats
Maybe they didn't take the Os off the White House keyboards... but the Bush/Cheney team still wrecked havoc with the Obama Inauguration. The mainstream media's not talking about it but did everyone else notice the nearly empty bleachers all along the Inaugural Parade route? Despite massive crowds in DC? Despite overwhelming demand for tickets?
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Tuesday, January 20, 2009
A New Day
To the Community, As George Bush departs – hopefully taking the grievous lies, crimes and excesses of his Administration with him – we welcome President Barack Obama and what he has called "a new day in America." It has been a long time coming. Just as change has come to the country, we here at are making changes as well.
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