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Saturday, February 14, 2009
'My Silence Cannot Be Bought'
On Thursday night, Beverly Eckert, whose husband died on 9/11, died herself in the Buffalo plane crash. From our archives we wanted to share a piece Beverly wrote over 5 years ago: By suing, I've forfeited the "$1.8 million average award" for a death claim I could have collected under the fund. Nor do I have any illusions about winning money in my suit. What I do know is I owe it to my husband, whose death I believe could have been avoided, to see that all of those responsible are held accountable. If we don't get answers to what went wrong, there will be a next time. And instead of 3,000 dead, it will be 10,000. What will Congress do then? So I say to Congress, big business and everyone who conspired to divert attention from government and private-sector failures: My husband's life was priceless, and I will not let his death be meaningless. My silence cannot be bought.
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Small Steps: First Rachel Maddow, Now This
Saudi King Abdullah has appointed a woman to the council of ministers for the first time as part of a Cabinet reshuffle, the Saudi state-run Channel One reported Saturday. Noor Al-Fayez will serve in the new position of deputy minister for women's education in the Saudi Council of Ministers. Good news, more needed. Now maybe they could reconsider the "Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice?"
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Friday, February 13, 2009
Human Rights Activist Alison Des Forges Dies in Buffalo Plane Crash
Historian Alison Des Forges, 66, a prominent human rights advocate who documented genocide in Rwanda, was one of 50 people killed in Thursday's Continental Airlines crash near Buffalo. Kenneth Roth, president of Human Rights Watch, said Des Forges, "epitomized the human rights activist - principled, dispassionate, committed to the truth and to using that truth to protect ordinary people."
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49 Killed in Buffalo, NY Plane Crash
The Buffalo News is reporting: Forty-nine people reportedly died when an aircraft identified as a Continental Airlines flight crashed into a house in Clarence Center shortly after 10 p.m. last night, starting a huge fire which poured thick smoke throughout the hamlet. more...
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Thursday, February 12, 2009
White House Reacts To Republican Judd Gregg Withdrawing As Sec of Commerce
For Immediate Release February 12, 2009 STATEMENT FROM PRESS SECRETARY ROBERT GIBBS "Senator Gregg reached out to the President and offered his name for Secretary of Commerce. He was very clear throughout the interviewing process that despite past disagreements about policies, he would support, embrace, and move forward with the President's agenda..."
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In Gaza, 13 vs. 1,360 and No Winners
The horrifying news out of Gaza in Conn Hallinan's CD Views piece confirms once more the need to change an American policy where, in David Bromwich's words, "fiction pervades the commentary." Increasingly, critics of Israel's invasion in Gaza are calling for the U.S. and other western countries to pressure Israel through boycotts, divestment and sanctions. Arguing that the massacre of Palestinians must stop and that all, even Israel, would benefit, writer and activist Taraq Ali quotes Israeli Isaac Deutscher after the Six-Day War: "You can triumph yourself to death." For more outraged, illuminating commentary from contributors to the London Review of Books, go here
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Stop The Presses: We're Losing Another One
A commission headed by three former Latin American heads of state has reached the shocking conclusion that the U.S.-led, so-called war on drugs is a failure. With drug violence on the rise, the panel said it is time to break a longstanding "taboo" and consider new antidrug approaches, including treating drug use as a health not criminal issue and decriminalizing the use of marijuana. "The available evidence indicates that the war on drugs is a failed war," said former Brazilian President Fernando Henrique Cardoso in a conference call from Rio de Janeiro. "We have to move from this approach to another one." For more go here
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Question Afghanistan Now
With alarming signs of both increased internal turmoil and likely American escalation in Afghanistan, input from peace advocates is more crucial than ever at today's hearing by the House Armed Services Committee on U.S. strategy there. United For Peace and Justice is urging people to contact their representatives and otherwise let their voices be heard. They have posted names and numbers of the 60 Representatives on the committee, those testifying today, and key issues. For info on UFPJ's Afghanistan Working Group go here
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Wednesday, February 11, 2009
The Theory of Relativity, Or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Flying Coach
Today's big economic story is the testimony of eight banking honchos before the House Financial Services Committee, their first such appearance, somehow, since we the people gave them over $160 billion but forgot to ask what they planned to do with it. While the event has been rife with political theater – bus, train, humble pie anyone? – the big question remains: We all know they got it (the money) but do they Get It? We are, in general, hopeful. On this score, alas, we're not holding our breath.
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A Request from Michael Moore
Will You Help Me With My Next Film? Friends, I am in the middle of shooting my next movie and I am looking for a few brave people who work on Wall Street or in the financial industry to come forward and share with me what they know... I am humbly asking you for a moment of courage, to be a hero and help me expose the biggest swindle in American history.
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