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What Courage Looks Like: Birds Of No Nation

Despite U.S. assurances of "safe evacuation" for Americans and their allies, reports from Afghanistan describe scenes of chaos and terror where women, perhaps most in peril...

Abby Zimet ·

Mask Wars: The Revolution Will Be Creative

Giddy start of another school year: New books, teachers, sneakers, and deranged parents screaming about the socialist perils of putting a piece of cloth on your face to...

Abby Zimet ·

We Are the Least Trustworthy People On the Planet: Another Ghastly Retreat From Empire

Kabul, it's been noted, was not lost yesterday. It was the final fall of a calamitous, arrogant, 20-year, trillion-dollar, too-many-deaths imperial misadventure doomed to...

Abby Zimet ·

Spraycation: Because A Wall Is A Very Big Weapon

Taking a break from the God-awful news - burning planet, dying children, racism unending, earthquakes - to join the "Great English Spraycation" of self-described "overrated...

Rise Up Patriots and Resist: A Third of the Country Has Finally Achieved Herd Stupidity, and It's Killing Us

Behold. Somehow this country's idiot masses have decided back-to-school time amidst a surging COVID is the perfect murderous moment to declare they "choose freedom," also sick...

Abby Zimet ·

OMG WTF: We Told You So

The latest apocalyptic report by a U.N. panel on climate change, released as 500,000 acres of California forest burn and Venice tourists wade through ankle-deep water, again...

Abby Zimet ·

You've Been Selected! Get Your BEAUTIFUL Former Guy Loyalty Cards Now and He'll Send A Secret Decoder Ring Right Away, Or Maybe the Next Day, Or For Sure the Day After

Grifters gonna grift, so now the biggest fattest saddest losingest grifter of all is offering "Patriots all around the Country" an Offical (sic) Trump Card as "a sign of your...

Abby Zimet ·

Death by Sociopathic DeSantis: No Masks, No Vaccines, No Ice Cream and 233 Fewer Pythons

Hey, wanna see Armageddon in action? Visit sunny, infectious Florida! It boasts over a third of the country's new COVID cases - Tuesday's record 51,000 included many children...

Abby Zimet ·

Peace On Earth, Good Will Toward High Jumpers

Along with their usual taint of jingoism and profiteering, the calamitous troubles of this year's Olympics - surging COVID, stifling heat, mask fights, bad press, the...

Abby Zimet ·

To Make the World A Human Dwelling Place For All: I Can't Believe What You Say Because I See What You Do

Honoring the loss and inestimable gifts left behind, we mark what would have been the 97th birthday of James Baldwin - incandescent writer, masterful orator, out gay black man...

Abby Zimet ·

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