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Thursday, December 17, 2020
Planet Earth To Loathsome Sanctimonious GOP: Unclutch Your Fucking Pearls
Wow. After weeks of sedition and complicity and COVID-benefit-denying, after years of groveling silence before Biblical-level evil, after all the lies, scams, cruelty, racism, idiocy, vulgarity, pussy-grabbing, dog-whistling, victim-blaming, shit-hole countries, kids in cages, murderous negligence and 300,000 dead to show for it, fuck-your feelings GOPers are now OUTRAGED Biden's pottymouth deputy chief of staff called them "fuckers." Really?! Staggering hypocrisy, thy name is GOP.
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Tuesday, December 15, 2020
An Embarrassing Situation
Poor Donnie is really doing this whole lame duck thing bigly. Not only has he now lost the election 274 times, or maybe it's 60. He's also got his own Lame Duck Temper Tantrum website in honor of his current crime wave; he has a shiny #TrumpIsALaughingStock hashtag; pranksters have already turned his 2024 hopes into a loser joke; people are writing epically scathing political obits for him; and now even his Mar-A-Lago neighbors want him to stay away. Sweet revenge.
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Sunday, December 13, 2020
Nothing To See Here, Just Marauding Neo-Fascists Wearing Frocks
Because things in the apocalypse can always get weirder, many are dazed and confused by the spectacle both of neo-Nazis roaming the streets of D.C. at the behest of our Whiny Loser-In-Chief, and of some of them wearing kilts - an act of cultural appropriation that, for one Scotsman, "makes my eyes bleed." Same for the horrified owner of the proudly " LGBTQIA+ owned, operated, designed and lived" kilt company - oops - who then donated to the NAACP "to redirect hate to love. "
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Friday, December 11, 2020
So Long! Farewell!
Whew. Even a right-wing SCOTUS has confirmed Trump's The Biggest Loser, speedily and unanimously rejecting a gonzo, long-shot, MyPillow-endorsed move by multiple "authoritarian yahoos," aka spineless seditionists masquerading as GOP state attorneys general, to overthrow the will of the people. The decision, expected in anything approaching a normal universe and profoundly welcome because this isn't, means that, "From a legal perspective, the fat lady has sung."
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Thursday, December 10, 2020
Let Them Play Tennis
Confirming there is no more clueless, worthless waste of space on God's green earth than the Grifter First Family, Melania Antoinette announced - on Pearl Harbor Day, as COVID deaths soared past 3,000 a day and millions waited in long lines at food pantries - that work is done on the new White House tennis pavilion. Hallelujah! said Twitter. Just kidding. In fact, she was aptly ripped: "WASTE...Seriously?! Tone-deaf much?...Four years of this hell and all we got was a tennis pavilion?" Yes.
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Wednesday, December 9, 2020
This Is Our Home Too
On the same day research showed the country's 651 billionaire pandemic profiteers made over $1 trillion, or enough to give a $3,000 stimulus check to every suffering American and still be ahead, protesters in New York City, arguably home to the world's most billionaires, unfurled a massive scroll condemning their own fat cats' obscene profits and urging officials to #Make Billionaires Pay to help workers getting no COVID benefits. Their righteous call to Cuomo: "1.2 million can't wait."
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Tuesday, December 8, 2020
Imagine, Still
On December 8, 1980, a madman with a gun killed John Lennon outside his New York City apartment; this week marks 40 years here, 40 years gone. Tributes and remembrances poured in, from Breslin's chilling account of cops putting "t his guy with blood all over him" in their patrol car to reverence for Lennon's "magnificent soul," soaring musical genius, abiding belief in love, and dogged insistence on "existing (on) his own terms." Yoko Ono, still: " Imagine all the people living life in peace."
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Monday, December 7, 2020
Doctors On Covid: We Have Failed Magnificently As A Country
As COVID soars - almost 15 million cases, up 20% in a week - government still fails in massive, unholy, staggeringly inept ways. Days after a COVID-ill Giuliani ranted at hearings across the country comes news Trump inexplicably turned down more Pfizer vaccines: Having earlier promised 300 million doses, the U.S. will now effectively get just 50 million, with some states getting a 10th of what they need. A weary Harvard doctor on the dysfunction: A "mind-bending, 'Twilight Zone' experience."
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Thursday, December 3, 2020
My Cousin Vinny Gets Out-Bonkered by The Ultimate Karen and It Is...Something To Behold
In Trump's latest masterful move to overturn the election, his star witness at a Michigan hearing raved, maybe drunkenly, that poll workers ran ballots through machines "thousands of times," dead people and "illegals" voted, ballots got hauled off in a food truck she wished had sandwiches, poll books showed "zero" voters because "you guys (did) something crazy to it" and Democrats "ruin your life." The day's big question: Should SNL's Kate McKinnon or Cecile Strong play her?
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Wednesday, December 2, 2020
It's. All. Gone. Too. Far.
More madness. Flynn touts martial law, Trump spews 46 minutes of lunatic lies, Stop the Steal cranks echo him, poll workers face nooses. Kudos, then, to Gabriel Sterling, a GOP election official in Georgia who at an anguished presser ripped Trump's incitement and his toadies' complicity. "This all has to stop," he raged. "Someone is going to get killed." In the end, history attests, "our Vichy Republicans," a silent gutless cult sunk in "the stink of (their) cowardice," will own it all.
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