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Mayberry Redux: A Reality That Never Was

We assume you're all psyched for this week's Mayberry Days, the annual festival celebrating a 1960s TV show about America's "simpler times" of drinking pop, playing checkers...

Abby Zimet ·

667,000 and Counting: In America, Fucking Remember

At 3 a.m. Tuesday, volunteers began planting the first of 662,000 white flags on the National Mall in mournful tribute to America's unholy COVID death toll, which has passed...

Abby Zimet ·

SCOTUS Is Definitely Not A Bunch of Partisan Hacks Says Partisanest Hack Ever

Because irony isn't quite dead yet, SCOTUS Judge Amy Coathanger Barrett gave a speech at the McConnell Center, founded by Mitch McConnell who frenziedly, indefensibly rammed...

Abby Zimet ·

An Unwillingness To Abide Lost Cause Idolatry Any Longer: Robert E. Lee Comes Down At Last

After 131 ignoble years, the former capital of the Confederacy has taken down its 12-ton statue of loser and traitor Robert E. Lee, who led many thousands to their deaths to...

Abby Zimet ·

It Looks Heroic, But You Broke Us

Grisly. The U.S. has hit 40 million COVID cases; over a quarter of new cases are kids; this Labor Day saw almost 300% more COVID-hospitalized patients than last year's; 1,500...

Abby Zimet ·

Woo-(ah)/Yeah Yeah Yeah: Online Hipsters and Other Sentient Beings Are Busy Reporting "Abortion Tips" to Texas Bigots

Texas' abortion bill is a nightmare, but Good Trouble is coming for it. Planned Parenthood got a temporary restraining order, Go Daddy took down the whistleblower site, Lyft...

Abby Zimet ·

Texas GOP To Taliban: Hold My Beer and See Privatized Fascism At Fervent Work

Thanks to a SCOTUS-approved act of "reproductive terrorism," Texas is ominously mutating into Gilead with its dystopian law effectively banning abortion in "breathtaking"...

Abby Zimet ·

Leaving the Bitter Graveyard of Empires: In Afghanistan, Everything Is Crying

America's forever war - misbegotten, intractable, awash in imperial hubris - is over. Contrary to self-righteous fulminating on the right, the mayhem it left behind belongs...

Abby Zimet ·

Repugnant, Still: Hunger For the Blood of Black Citizens

Amidst our extant macro horrors - surging plague, burning planet, grim detritus of war - it's cold comfort to find America's prosaic atrocities also go on unabated. After a...

Abby Zimet ·

I Will Build A Great Wall That Will Be Impenetrable, Except For Saws, Wind, Breaches, Ladders and Now Monsoons

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, a malevolent clown promised a country that didn't want it a "beautiful" wall on the southern border to keep out brown people seeking...

Abby Zimet ·

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