Zachary Field

Zachary Field serves as a writer and researcher at the Small Planet Institute, where he focuses on democracy reform, wealth inequality and climate change.

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Green cities powered only by renewable energy sources—save money, their health, and our planet.  (Photo: Eviart / Views
Thursday, August 08, 2019
Climate Courage—Cities and States Matter, Too
More than one in five Americans —that’s over 70 million of us—now live in a place committed to 100 percent carbon-neutral electricity—including 131 towns and cities, seven states and Puerto Rico. With a Republican-controlled Senate and White House making federal action on climate change look less...
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Once seeing the Green New Deal not as a choice but an investment in life itself, funding streams appear that were before invisible—many wielding the power to make our economy fairer, too. (Photo: @skenigsberg/Twitter) Views
Friday, June 28, 2019
Who Can Afford a Green New Deal? We Can!
Despite ridicule by Republican leaders, calls for a Green New Deal resonate with 80 percent of Americans. Building on the vision laid out by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Ed Markey, now Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren have weighed in with their versions. Americans love the idea of taking on the...
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