Toula Drimonis

Toula Drimonis is a freelance writer and editor based in Montreal. A former News Director and long-time columnist for TC Media, her freelance work has appeared in The Tyee, Huffington Post, Policy Mic, J-Source, and Le Journal de Montréal, among others.

She is a frequent contributor to CJAD, Montreal’s top-rated English radio station, co-hosting routinely on The Exchange, appearing weekly on the Feminist 2.0 Panel, and regularly invited on North American live-stream panel debates to discuss feminism and women’s issues. For daily musings and observations about politics, feminism, and life in general, you can follow her on Twitter at @toulastake or at

Articles by this author

Thursday, October 15, 2015
Dirty Campaigning: Harper’s Racist Wedge Politics the Oldest Trick in the Book
After this country’s most famous niqab-wearing woman, Zunera Ishaq, was finally sworn in as a Canadian citizen, I went to the gym. I found myself sandwiched on the treadmill between a woman wearing a hijab and a young woman sporting blue hair, sleeve tattoos, and stretched earlobes. No one batted...
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