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Why are the billionaires always laughing?

Because they know the corporate media will never call bullshit on their bullshit.

Tom Weis

Tom Weis

Tom Weis is the president of Climate Crisis Solutions in Boulder, Colorado.

Articles by this author


Radical Climate Centrists? Say It Ain't So, Joe

Come on, man. For someone who talks so much about the need to be guided by science, why isn't Joe Biden’s climate thinking guided by the scientific consensus.

Tom Weis ·

Like Sanders and Warren, I'm Backing Biden

 Any hope of advancing the popular causes championed by Sanders and Warren begins with removing Trump, flipping the Senate, and electing more progressives to the House.

Tom Weis ·

History Will Damn Trump & Co. for Betraying the Vision of Our Founders

A societal reckoning is required to fulfill our founding promise of liberty and justice for all.

Tom Weis ·

Trump's Resignation Would Save Countless American Lives. You Could Even Call It a Blessing From God

Too many have needlessly suffered and died on his watch.

Tom Weis ·

Trumpgate Makes Watergate Look Like Child's Play

"All attempts by Trump & Co. to undermine the election—or subvert its results—must be systematically resisted. We the people cannot, and will not, let our beloved democracy die."

Tom Weis ·

DNC Showing Its True Colors (Again)

The Democratic elites so fear Bernie's political revolution they are changing the rules to promote a Wall Street centrist.

Tom Weis ·

DNC Dithers While the World Burns

Does anyone else find it strange that nearly every Democratic presidential candidate has publicly called for a climate debate the DNC refuses to hold?

Tom Weis ·

Another Open Letter to DNC Chair Tom Perez: How Are Democrats Going to Contain the Climate Worldfire If They Won’t Even Hold a Climate Debate?

Either the Democratic Party is committed to mobilizing America to "address this threat on a scale not seen since World War II" or it isn't.

Tom Weis ·

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