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Todd Miller has researched and written about U.S.-Mexican border issues for more than 10 years. He has worked on both sides of the border for BorderLinks in Tucson, Arizona, and Witness for Peace in Oaxaca, Mexico. He now writes on border and immigration issues for NACLA Report on the Americas and its blog “Border Wars,” among other places. He is at work on his first book, Border Patrol Nation, for the Open Media Series of City Lights Books.

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The survival of private prisons depends on keeping a consistent and increasing number of people incarcerated and today immigrants serve as this predatory industry's primary cash generators. (Photo: Shutterstock) Views
Tuesday, November 05, 2019
Why Climate Action Needs to Target the Border Industrial Complex
In the last few months, all publicly known banking partners of the US private prison and immigrant detention leader GEO Group have committed to severing their ties with the industry. The banks' decision was a major win for campaigners and grassroots activists who have long been working to stop the...
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Even with the billions and billions of dollars spent, the new technologies, the smart walls (and dumb ones), the checkpoints and biometric ID devices, borders can always be subverted with some grassroots organizing, a little luck, and a joyful spirit.  (Photo: Mani Albrecht/U.S. Border Patrol/Flickr) Views
Tuesday, September 24, 2019
Trapped in an Empire of Borders: The American Homeland Is the Planet
The driver of the passenger van pulled onto the shoulder of the road, looked back, and said, “There’s an immigration checkpoint up ahead. Does everyone have their papers?” We were just north of the Guatemalan border, outside the town of Ciudad Hidalgo in the Mexican state of Chiapas. There were 10...
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A child sits in an area affected by a drought in the southern outskirts of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, in 2016. In the same area this September, the Honduran government declared a state of emergency because of drought as 290 municipalities are on the verge of running out of food. (Photo by Orlando Sierra/Stringer/Getty Images) Views
Thursday, November 29, 2018
Why the Migrant Caravan Story Is a Climate Change Story
Less than a mile south of the U.S.-Mexico border, in Sasabe, Mexico, a Guatemalan man named Giovanni (whose first name is used to protect his undocumented status) propped up his feet while an EMT applied antibiotic ointment to his feet in the shade of a cottonwood. Giovanni left his home country...
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 "By deploying heavily armed Border Patrol officers, building walls, and using surveillance technologies in urban areas that traditionally had been crossing spots for the undocumented, such migrants are now forced to traverse dangerous and desolate areas of the southwestern deserts." (Photo: qbac07/Flickr/cc) Views
Tuesday, April 24, 2018
The Border Fetish: An Unsustainable World Managed With an Iron Fist
At first, I thought I had inadvertently entered an active war zone. I was on a lonely two-lane road in southern New Mexico heading for El Paso, Texas. Off to the side of the road, hardly concealed behind some desert shrubs, I suddenly noticed what seemed to be a tank. For a second, I thought I...
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"The trends are already clear: the world will be increasingly carved up into highly monitored border surveillance zones." (Photo: Reuters/Rodi Said) Views
Thursday, December 07, 2017
The Era of Walls in a Warming World
When I first talked to the three Honduran men in the train yard in the southern Mexican town of Tenosique, I had no idea that they were climate-change refugees. We were 20 miles from the border with Guatemala at a rail yard where Central American refugees often congregated to try to board La Bestia...
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Tuesday, August 23, 2016
No Need to Build The Donald's Wall. It’s Already Built
At the federal courthouse, Ignacio Sarabia asks the magistrate judge, Jacqueline Rateau, if he can explain why he crossed the international boundary between the two countries without authorization. He has already pleaded guilty to the federal misdemeanor commonly known as “illegal entry” and is...
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Monday, January 26, 2015
Gaza in Arizona: How Israeli High-Tech Firms Will Up-Armor the US-Mexican Border
It was October 2012. Roei Elkabetz, a brigadier general for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), was explaining his country’s border policing strategies. In his PowerPoint presentation, a photo of the enclosure wall that isolates the Gaza Strip from Israel clicked onscreen. “We have learned lots from...
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Friday, August 08, 2014
How We Scapegoat Children From Gaza to the US-Mexico Borderlands
A week ago was when I first saw the picture that appeared in the The Telegraph of children in the Gaza Strip trying to break the Guinness world record for kite-flying. The kites floating mid-air off the Mediterranean shore were a sight to behold. I was taken with the photo and the happiness of the...
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Tuesday, July 15, 2014
Bill of Rights Rollback in the U.S. Borderlands
Shena Gutierrez was already cuffed and in an inspection room in Nogales, Arizona, when the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agent grabbed her purse, opened it, and dumped its contents onto the floor right in front of her. There couldn’t be a sharper image of the Bill of Rights rollback we are...
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(Image: Elbit Systems of America, LLC) Views
Tuesday, April 22, 2014
They Are Watching You: The National Security State and the U.S.-Mexican Border
With the agility of a seasoned Border Patrol veteran, the woman rushed after the students. She caught up with them just before they entered the exhibition hall of the eighth annual Border Security Expo , reaching out and grabbing the nearest of them by the shoulder. Slightly out of breath, she said...
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