Tamasin Cave

Tamasin Cave writes about corporate lobbying and blogs at BadInfluence.net. She has been a researcher with Spinwatch for a decade and is co-author with Andy Rowell of A Quiet Word: Lobbying, Crony Capitalism and Broken Politics in Britain (Vintage, 2015).

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Donald Trump pictured with US healthcare executives in 2017, including (second from right) the then CEO of UnitedHealth Group. (Photo: Twitter) Views
Thursday, December 05, 2019
Donald Trump, the US Private Health Giant, and Top NHS Officials—Special Relationships?
In the UK, we have a simple take on the US healthcare system as a for-profit, private system that fleeces its customers and fails the poor. But here’s the secret: the US has its own ‘mini NHS’. Smaller than the UK’s system, but still a government funded, (mostly) publicly-run system that serves...
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