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Tamara Pearson is a long time journalist based in Latin America, and author of The Butterfly Prison. Her writings can be found at her blog. Twitter: @pajaritaroja

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People lining up for vaccines in Puebla, Mexico (Photo: Tamara Pearson) Views
Thursday, May 13, 2021
The Media Is Causing Harm by Reporting Official Covid-19 Figures From Poorer Countries
Brazil, India, and the United States have the highest Covid-19 tolls, the media reports over and over, every morning. And a while ago it was the UK and Europe. Things are extremely difficult for people in those countries, but it isn't true that Brazil and the US have the highest death rates. Almost...
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Expecting poorer countries to continue sacrificing lives, health, and resources in order to keep the rich people’s economy going is unacceptable.  (Photo: Modelo brewery, Mexico City, Mexico/ Getty Images) Views
Thursday, June 25, 2020
US Drinking Beer, Producing Cars and Military Tech at the Expense of Mexican Lives
Fridges in Mexico are empty of beer because production has ceased as the product isn’t considered essential. However, US company Constellation Brands is defying local orders and forcing Mexican workers to continuing producing its Corona and Modelo beers for export to US consumers. The company is...
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Governments and corporations should be held accountable for the inequalities they have perpetuated and that are decisive in who lives or dies, and how many. (Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images) Views
Thursday, April 16, 2020
The Self-Centered Rich Country Response to Pandemics and Crises Is Wrecking Poor Countries
Mexico—I’m squatting on a round piece of concrete, and a 72-year-old man is sitting in the gutter, his walking stick beside him. He tells me that a fter being deported from the United States, he has been hiking the streets of Mexico City trying to find somewhere to stay. But all the refuges are...
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It is a parody of democracy that allows such irresponsible and corrupt gluttons to make globally important decisions. (Photo: Shutterstock) Views
Thursday, September 19, 2019
The Climate Crisis Means the Wrong People Are Running the World
A sophisticated greenwashing industry has been evolving over the last few decades to not just mask the environmental destruction of corporations while passing the blame on to consumers, but to also present the climate crisis as a neutral and natural disaster that is disconnected from a system of...
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Wednesday, June 20, 2018
The Vivid Dangers of Our Indifference to a Hellish World
Perhaps we need to talk about what feels like obligatory apathy. We live in a society that despises any sign of caring about just how bad things are for most people. The planet is corroding and smoldering, and time and resources are going into nuclear weapons and sending humanity into its own...
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"It's hard to estimate how many deaths the US is responsible for overseas, especially indirect ones and those that have resulted from illegal gun trading." (Photo: Chayak / Flickr) Views
Thursday, April 05, 2018
US Shootings: Gun Industry Killing More People Overseas
I live next door to the world's biggest gun manufacturer. Here in Mexico, the murder rates are close to civil war levels. They broke records last year, for a total of 41,217 homicides, with 25,339 first degree murders over the course of the year. And those are the official figures – which if...
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Monday, January 25, 2016
The Rich Are Getting Louder and the Eventual Victory of Quiet
While the world thrashes and flounders in injustice, the rich are loud in order to conceal their contribution to it all. The most obvious example is Donald Trump – rich white man flaunting his racism, sexism, and imperialism in a dull-witted display to entertain and distract from the fact that he...
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