Surili Sutaria Patel

Surili Sutaria Patel is a champion for diversity and works to advance health equity and environmental justice while promoting public health solutions. She is also a leader in strategic development that bridges the gap between public health programs and sound policies. In addition, she serves on the Board of Physicians for Social Responsibility and board-led environment and health committees.

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It’s not all despair. We have hope, because 2020 is a vital election year. The power is in our hands, and here’s what we can do: VOTE. (Photo: Joint Base San Antonio / cc) Views
Tuesday, March 24, 2020
We Must Vote To Protect Public Health
There’s been a massive failure of leadership in the United States in preparation, containment, treatment and protecting our residents from the cascading effects of the COVID-19 outbreak. Because of this administration’s failure to lead, the most vulnerable in our society—seniors, school-age...
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