Soraya Chemaly

Soraya L. Chemaly is a feminist and satirist whose work focuses on cultivating feminism through humour. She writes about gender, and gender absurdities, for The Huffington Post, Alternet, Role/Reboot, The Feminist Wire, BitchFlicks and Fem2.0 among others. or Twitter @schemaly.

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Friday, September 28, 2012
One Billion Rising: Ending the Pandemic of Violence Against Women
Every day, girls and women the world over face a broad range of assaults which, in the aggregate, inhibit equality everywhere. In the United States we are dealing with a legislative assault on women’s rights, well documented here , that few people understand as a real and violent assault on women’s physical integrity and right to bodily autonomy. More often than not, people think of the “war on women” in the United States as a politically expeditious metaphor when it is not.
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