Riley S. Wilson

Riley S. Wilson is the Community Editor of and an award winning writer and director. He previously served as a content strategist and writer for various brands including Viacom, Procter & Gamble and AB-Inbev. He's also worked for Advertising Age and Creativity-Online where he covered media, agency, digital and social--from the breaking of the KONY 2012 story to landing an interview with the minds behind Hologram Tupac. Riley has also been a frequent contributor for Ebony Magazine, focusing on politics, social issues and culture.

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Saturday, June 20, 2015
I'm Not A South Carolinian; I'm the Rebirth of the Black Radical
When I was growing up in Columbia, South Carolina, I was awoken by one singular task from my mother. “Get out of South Carolina,” she would sermonize. This would be repeated to me regularly and in different ways. “Get out of South Carolina and don’t come back.” Sometimes she would say, “Don’t get...
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