Rajagopal P.V.

Rajagopal PV, the son of a Gandhian worker, studied agriculture at Seva Gram in Wardha. In the early 70s he worked in the violence-ridden area of Chambal (Madhya Pradesh) helping to rehabilitate dacoits. In the years that followed, Rajagopal travelled to several tribal areas and developed an understanding of plight and needs of India`s tribal people. Their cause became part of his lifetime mission. After setting up a number of training organizations across Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and Orissa, the subsequent mobilization led to the consolidation of a people`s organization, namely, Ekta Parishad in 1991. This organization is focused on people`s control over livelihood resources in an environment where land is being grabbed, and where forest rights are not being implemented.

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Tuesday, April 09, 2013
Three Critical Days in the Struggle for Land Reform in India
The government of India made a remarkable promise on October 11th last year. It was bold and broad, and it has the potential to strike a fundamental blow at the plague of landlessness and poverty that blights millions of Indians.
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