Rabyaah Althaibani

Rabyaah Althaibani is a Yemini-American community organizer with over 15 years of experience organizing voters, advising issue-based campaigns, and working at socially committed nonprofits. She is the founder of Arab Women’s Voice, the first 100 percent women and minority owned political consulting firm based in New York City. As a human rights activist, she co-founded the Yemeni American Coalition for Change to support grassroots movements in the Middle East during the Arab Spring. She helped organize pressure campaigns including the Yemeni Bodega Strike to protest the travel ban and the NY Post boycott to protest their attack on Rep. Ilhan Omar.

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 Yemeni children study in the rubble of their school, which was destroyed by the violent war in the city of Taiz, Yemen 23 Dec 2018 (Photo: Akramalrasny via shutterstock.com) Views
Thursday, October 15, 2020
How a Future Biden White House Can End the War in Yemen
No group has more to gain from an end to Yemen’s five-year-old civil war, a humanitarian disaster and bloody quagmire, than the Yemeni people themselves, among whom there is a thirst for peace. That is true also of the Yemeni American community, which watches on in horror as both family members and...
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