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Nigel Clarke is a writer and notorious vagabond. He is currently on the road for the Democratic Primary. Follow the journey on Twitter @Nigel_OnTheRoad and check out his latest book, 'On the Road in Trump's America'

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These are individuals who view a system which makes neighbors of opulence and soul-crushing poverty as wrong, a coalition which gives credence to 'of, by, and for.' (Photo: Nigel Clarke) Views
Tuesday, March 03, 2020
Mouseland Should Be Governed By Mice, Not Cats
In 1944, legendary Scottish-Canadian socialist Tommy Douglas gave a speech about a place he called ' Mouseland .' He told of a society of mice who “lived and played, were born and died,” and “lived much the same as you and I do.” Curiously, every four years these mice would go to the polls and...
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