Nicole Braun

Nicole Braun is an adjunct sociology professor in northern Michigan.

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The good news is that housing is finally being addressed as the national crisis it is. (Photo: Shutterstock) Views
Friday, December 27, 2019
We Need a New Deal for Housing
When I came of age in Flint, Michigan, homeownership was a crucial part of the American dream. Often one income was sufficient to buy into this dream — union GM jobs paid enough to buy a home and to support a family. Some of my friends’ parents were even able to buy a second home, often a “cottage...
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There’s no reason why anyone should die in the United States because it’s too hard to find shelter—especially from extreme weather conditions accelerated by climate change. (Photo: Shutterstock) Views
Thursday, February 07, 2019
Imagine Being Homeless During the Polar Vortex
It was noon one recent Saturday in Northern Michigan, and temperatures were 30 degrees below 0. Winter storm warnings were blaring about the necessity of staying indoors, with dire reminders of the lethal consequences for being outside. People had 10 minutes at best before frostbite set in, they...
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The Michigan Statehouse (Shutterstock) Views
Wednesday, December 19, 2018
Lame-Duck Republicans Are Waging War on Heartland Democracy
For millions of Americans, there’s no “making it” if you fall beneath a certain social class line. And the Michigan GOP, which was roundly rejected in the last election, is determined to keep it that way. In neighboring Wisconsin, Republicans decided to show voters there that their voices, votes,...
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'No human should ever be treated this way. But while we are wounded, we are not broken." (Photo: Shutterstock) Views
Monday, July 23, 2018
Let Me Tell You What Forced Separation Feels Like
The recent images of immigrant children in cages are incredibly painful to digest. Still, many people seem to forget that the U.S. has a long track record of forcibly separating families, whether it was African Americans during slavery, the Japanese during World War II, Native Americans during...
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