Neal Peirce

Columnist Neal Peirce is chairman of the Citistates Group, a network of journalists and speakers who believe that successful metropolitan regions are today's key to economic competitiveness and sustainable communities.

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Monday, April 09, 2007
Paving The Way For Smarter Roads
Decaying roads, rising traffic congestion, and voters distrustful of government and extraordinarily leery about increased gas taxes. What are political leaders to do? The "hot" new idea is "monetizing" toll roads and bridges - leasing them to a private operator in return for a big upfront payment or guaranteed year-by-year payback.
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Monday, March 26, 2007
Challenge Created On The Homefront
WASHINGTON — Love, social equity and shelter. With those ideals, the Rev. Jim Dickerson in 1982 founded Manna Inc. to provide housing for people in crime-ravaged, sometimes burned-out neighborhoods of this capital city. Manna and Dickerson are still on the job, boasting a record of nearly 1,000 housing units under ownership along once-decaying streets.
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