Misha Hill

Misha Hill joined ITEP in 2016 through the State Policy Fellowship Program, a project of the State Priorities Partnership (SPP). Prior to joining ITEP, she earned a Masters in Public Policy at The George Washington University.

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The notion that poor people must prove they are deserving by jumping through bureaucratic hoops to obtain basic assistance like food and shelter comes from the same warped ideological space that reasons tax cuts for the rich and corporations are a boon to the middle class. (Photo:  Yuri Keegstra/Flickr/cc) Views
Tuesday, May 01, 2018
Trump Administration’s Spending Priorities Echo Tax Cut Priorities: Punish the Poor and Lavish the Rich
In 2017, the Trump Administration released a budget proposal filled with loaded language about “welfare reform” and moving able-bodied people from welfare to work. This narrative is designed to perpetuate the pernicious idea that poor people have personal shortcomings and are taking something that...
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