Mimi Bekhechi

Mimi began working for PETA UK in 2007. As the PETA foundation's manager, she is responsible for overseeing PETA's campaigns as well as its education and media departments. Mimi previously served as the organisation's operations
manager and coordinated PETA's campaign work in her subsequent role as manager of special projects.

Articles by this author

Saturday, April 14, 2012
Canada's Seal Slaughter Must Go the Same Way as its Whaling Industry
This Thursday marks the official start of Newfoundland's and Labrador's spring seal-slaughtering season. More than two thousand seals have been killed so far this year. Many more will be clubbed or shot before sealers hook them in the eye, cheek or mouth and drag them across the ice floes off Canada's east coast. Some will be skinned while they are still alive. Each one of them is a victim of the Canadian government's desperate efforts to keep the failing sealing industry afloat .
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