Matthew Stanley

Matthew E. Stanley

Matthew E. Stanley is an assistant professor of history at Albany State University in Albany, Georgia.  His forthcoming book, "The Loyal West: Civil War and Reunion in Middle America" (2016), examines race, regionalism, and sectional reunion in the Civil War-era Midwest.

Articles by this author

Tuesday, November 08, 2016
The Philadelphia Moment: Obama, Clinton, and the Substance of Symbols
On the day of yet another historic presidential election with what looks to deliver yet another unprecedented result, I, like many others, find myself thinking about the symbolic value of events in Philadelphia last night. Simply, what will it mean that the first black president passed the...
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Friday, February 26, 2016
"We Are Not Denmark": Hillary Clinton and Liberal American Exceptionalism
Several months removed, it now seems clear that the Democratic debate on October 13 contained an illuminating moment that has come to embody the 2016 Democratic Primary and the key differences between its two candidates. Confronting Bernie Sanders’s insistence that the United States has much to...
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