Lily Eskelsen García

Lily Eskelsen García is a sixth-grade teacher from Utah and president of the National Education Association. Follow her on Twitter: @Lily_NEA

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Americans should have no doubt that teachers want to be in their classrooms with their students on the first day of the coming school year, but we won’t acquiesce to a vision of learning that endangers the lives of everyone who walks in to a schoolhouse, as well as their families and communities. (Photo: John Picken Photography/Flickr/cc) Views
Thursday, July 09, 2020
NEA President: Trump's Plan to Reopen Schools Is Dangerous for Students and Teachers
No one wants to welcome students back to classrooms more than America’s educators. We know that nothing can replace the magic of a student’s curiosity when they are able to learn alongside their peers from a teacher who has dedicated her life to the success of other people’s children. But the Trump...
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