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Krystal Ball is a former MSNBC host and Democratic congressional candidate. Follow her on Twitter: @krystalball

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"She’s an example that no matter how many times, or how publicly, you’ve had sex or been a sexual being, you can take your power back and not allow anyone to silence you." (Photo: "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"/Screenshot) Views
Tuesday, March 27, 2018
Stormy Daniels Is a Feminist Heroine
Like many Americans, I watched Stephanie Clifford (AKA Stormy Daniels) on “60 Minutes” on Sunday night and finally reached the point where I couldn’t keep silent on this any longer. As a person whose physicist dad and Montessori pre-school mom gave her a “porn star” birth name, I have had the porn...
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Friday, May 20, 2016
Why Bernie Sanders Is Our Best Chance to Beat Donald Trump
Hand-wringing over party unity misses the point. No one cares about your precious parties. As Hillary Clinton joylessly stumbles her way to the Democratic nomination, calls have increased for Bernie Sanders to either drop out of the race altogether or, at least, to stop fighting so darn hard. We’re...
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