Katherine McFate

Katherine McFate is the President and CEO of Center for Effective Government.

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Friday, May 08, 2015
People Need Their Medicine. We Have to Move the Mail.
In 2013, Hurricane Sandy pushed a wall of water into New York Harbor, turning streets into rivers andbasements into lakes. A power station on the lower west side of Manhattan was one of the first buildings to flood; the circuits shorted out immediately, plunging much of the city into darkness...
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Sunday, August 31, 2014
Valuing Labor Means Helping Workers, Especially When There Are No Jobs
As we take a three day weekend to celebrate those who labor, let us take a moment to remember the families who won’t be planning picnics or a last trip to the beach. Despite some positive economic indicators, 9.7 million Americans are still out of work, almost a third for more than six months. More...
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A. Philip Randolph, a pioneer of the civil rights movement who said, 'Freedom is never given... it is won." (Image: Wikipedia Commons) Views
Tuesday, April 15, 2014
A. Philip Randolph: Relentless Advocate for Economic and Racial Justice
April 15 is the 125th anniversary of the birth of A. Philip Randolph, a staunch trade unionist, civil rights activist, and advocate for federal action to ensure every American receives equal protection under the Constitution. His 90 years of life spanned tumultuous times for the nation and were...
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