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John C. O’Day is a graduate philosophy student at Texas A&M.

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"By construing his domestic politics as the work of an unprincipled, unpredictable and increasingly dangerous tyrant, corporate media have illuminated the fact that there is only one remaining idea that makes a qualitative difference between the president’s nuclear arsenal and North Korea’s: American exceptionalism." (Photo: Kevin Lim/THE STRAITS TIMES/Handout/Getty Images) Views
Thursday, June 14, 2018
Why Do US Media Only Worry About One Authoritarian’s Nukes?
The world waits with bated breath as a “ mad king ” descends on Singapore, his finger itching to press the launch button and totally destroy his adversaries. Few disagree that a “ radical and absolutist ” dictator who can “ use the power of the state to suppress the opposition while shielding...
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"While it might seem like friendly corporations are coming to the aid of activists in the debate over net neutrality, the truth is that for-profit, publicly traded corporations don’t have friends—they have interests, which they spend millions lobbying in Washington to defend," O'Day writes. Views
Saturday, August 19, 2017
Net Neutrality Reduced to Mogul vs. Mogul in Corporate Media's Shallow Coverage
A common refrain in popular news media is that net neutrality is just too boring and esoteric for ordinary people to be interested in. “Oh my god that is the most boring thing I’ve ever seen,” John Oliver (HBO, 6/1/14 ) once exclaimed after showing his audience a short clip from a government...
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