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Jill Andresky Fraser is the creator of, and "Whiner-in-Chief" at, EconoWhiner.com, a website where people share their experiences, emotions, strategies, and attitudes about life during the economic downturn. A longtime financial journalist, she is the author of White-Collar Sweatshop: The Deterioration of Work and Its Rewards in Corporate America. To catch a TomDispatch audio interview in which Fraser discusses why a sizeable minority of Americans seems immunized to the idea that anything bad could happen to them, click here.

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Wednesday, March 04, 2009
Farewell to Jobs
According to a recently released AP-GfK poll , 32% of Americans are crazy. Oh, sorry. The poll actually revealed that 47% of those asked worry "a lot" or "some" about the possibility of losing their jobs. True, that's nearly twice as many as the same poll detected in February 2008, when only 28% of Americans polled raised their hands and acknowledged anxiety.
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