Jennifer Nix

Jennifer Nix is a writer and political activist based in San Francisco. Over the years she's been a fellow at both CREDO Action and the DC-based think-tank NDN/New Policy Institute, a co-founder of the international school building non-profit BuildOn, and publisher of Pulitzer Prize-winner Glenn Greenwald's first book, the New York Times best-seller, How Would a Patriot Act? Nix was also editor-at-large for Chelsea Green Publishing, a producer for National Public Radio's “On the Media” and a staff writer for Variety. Her freelance work has appeared in New York, The New York Observer, The Nation, the National Law Journal, the Village Voice, the San Francisco Chronicle and Wired as well as on Salon, Huffington Post, Poetry Foundation, The Rumpus, Alternet and many political blogs. She is currently at work on a memoir about her family's journey with kidney disease (drawn from “I Love My Socialist Kidney”), is a producer for the documentary, “Robert Bly :A Thousand Years of Joy” and her essay, “Pressing On” is featured in the new anthology, Here She Comes Now: Women in Music Who Have Changed Our Lives.

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Tuesday, June 07, 2016
In California and Beyond, Sanders Democrats and Independents Needed to Stop Trump
Despite the acrimony and​ deep​ ideological debate raging within the Democratic Party, the vast majority of both Clinton and Sanders​ supporters​ know America must defeat Donald Trump. ​They​ ​just vehemently disagree about how to​ best​ ​ ensure his loss. Californi​a primary voters can ​force...
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