Jan Resseger

Before retiring, Jan Resseger staffed advocacy and programming to support public education justice in the national setting of the United Church of Christ—working to improve the public schools that serve 50 million of our children, reduce standardized testing, ensure attention to vast opportunity gaps, advocate for schools that welcome all children, and speak for the public role of public education. Jan chaired the National Council of Churches Committee on Public Education for a dozen of those years.

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"Many people across the state share the school teachers’ desperate concern about the conditions in their children’s schools, even though their elected representatives adamantly ignore the wishes of a wide swath of their constituents." (Photo: @StepUpOklahoma/Twitter) Views
Thursday, May 31, 2018
Rivka Galchen Takes You Inside the Oklahoma Teachers’ Walkout and Inside Red-State, Anti-Tax Politics
Watching teachers walk out this spring has startled America in these discouraging times, but nowhere was it as moving as in Oklahoma. The teachers walked out, and, grateful that teachers had figured out a way to expose desperate conditions in the schools, school superintendents and school boards—...
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