Jade Begay

Jade Begay
Jade Begay is Diné and Tesuque Pueblo of New Mexico. As creative director of NDN Collective, she leads multimedia content development through strategic narrative development and creative content design.

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A shrine to George Floyd and others is pictured in the newly created Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), in Seattle on June 11, 2020. Views
Saturday, June 20, 2020
Prolonged Uprising Is the New Normal
From March to May, as many of us were adjusting and settling into quarantine life, we began thinking and talking about a “new normal.” In an article by People magazine, Nick Tilsen, of NDN Collective said, “Everyone says, ‘I can’t wait until things get back to normal.’ There’s a part of me that’s...
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"We are fighting for the very right to resist as anti-protest laws emerge across the country, which aim to criminalize our people for protecting what is most sacred to us."(Photo:Leah Kolakowski) Views
Monday, October 08, 2018
Letter From Indigenous Activists
Formerly known as Columbus Day, today is Indigenous Peoples Day in more than 80 (and counting) cities, counties, and states. While “official” recognition of this day began in the late 70’s, with the U.N. discussing the replacement of Columbus Day, resistance and challenge to said “holiday” existed...
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Nisqually Tribal Council Member Hanford McCloud lights sacred fire to open up 17th Protecting Mother Earth conference. (Photo: Rudi Tcruz) Views
Thursday, September 06, 2018
Why Defending Indigenous Rights Is Integral to Fighting Climate Change
Even as the Trump administration rolls back regulations meant to protect Americans from pollution, the EPA recently released a report that finds that people of color are much more likely to breathe toxic air than their white counterparts. The study’s basic findings—that non-whites bear a higher...
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