Hénia Belalia

Hénia Belalia, a French-Algerian native, is a climate justice and migrant rights defender, a facilitator, a theatre director and a day-dreamer of collective liberation. Her work is defined by a constantly evolving practice of decolonization, healing ancestral traumas, and solidarity to front lines of struggle, with a framework rooted in intersecting and overlapping systemic oppressions. She is currently on the National Coordinating Committee of Deep Roots United Front. (Twitter: @HeniaBelalia)

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A meme published by the Pachamama Alliance highlights how scientific discovery has been catching up to indigenous knowledge for centuries. (Pachamama Alliance) Views
Saturday, May 31, 2014
Intersectionality Isn’t Just a Win-Win; It’s the Only Way Out
In 2012, the Pachamama Alliance, a U.S.-based organization working in partnership with indigenous Achuar people in Ecuador, published a meme showing two native men discussing a new “scientific discovery”: the fact that our world is deeply interconnected. The joke, of course, is the idea that these...
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