Emanuel Pastreich

Emanuel Pastreich directs the Asia Institute in Seoul, South Korea.

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Friday, September 26, 2014
East Asia: A Farewell to Arms
East Asia faces an enormous number of challenges. The countries of the region clash over territory, argue over history, compete for diminishing natural resources, and dispute the balance of power along the Pacific Rim. In response to all these challenges, the United States has offered a one-size-...
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The greatest dangers for the United States do not lurk in terrorist cells. They come from thousands of nuclear weapons, toxic chemical dumps, radioactive waste storage facilities, complex pipelines and refineries, offshore oil rigs, and many other potentially dangerous but scarcely regulated facilities. (Photo: Dennis Dimick / Flickr) Views
Wednesday, April 09, 2014
America’s Homegrown Terror
The U.S. security complex is up in arms about cyberhackers and foreign terrorists targeting America’s vulnerable infrastructure. Think tank reports have highlighted the chinks in homeland security represented by unsecured ports, dams, and power plants . We’ve been bombarded by stories about...
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