Diego Ibanez

Diego Ibañez is an activist with Occupy Wall Street. Ibañez was born in Bolivia. He grew up in the United States and returned to Bolivia as a teen. Ibañez has advocated for immigrant rights in Utah, Alabama, and Arizona. He later became active with Occupy Wall Street and took part in a two-week hunger strike in October 2011.

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Image of the NSA eagle spying on electronic communications. (Photo: EFF/ Flickr) Views
Saturday, June 28, 2014
Greenwald: NSA is Attack on our Dissent
“Good people don’t hide; bad people have to hide because they are planning evil things like trying to bomb this auditorium,” said Glenn Greenwald during a presentation at Carnegie Hall in New York City earlier this week. He explained that he took that line from former CIA director Michael Hayden,...
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