David Batker

David Batker is Executive Director of Earth Economics  and co-author of What's The Economy For, Anyway? Dave completed his graduate training in economics under Herman Daly, one of the world's foremost ecological economists. He taught in the Training Department of the World Bank and has worked for Greenpeace International, specializing in trade and international finance.

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Monday, January 09, 2012
Remembering the Fight and Spirit of 'Bread and Roses'
An important centennial is a terrible thing to waste. Some historic anniversaries can change the way we look at life and help us reevaluate our values and behavior. One such anniversary arrives on January 11. On that day a century ago, a group of women walked out of a textile mill to march in the streets of Lawrence, Massachusetts. During the following days and weeks, thousands of workers, most of them immigrant women, joined them.
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