Collette Watson

Collette Watson is responsible for unifying messaging and content across Free Press’ digital channels, working closely with all teams to elevate the organization’s profile among online audiences. Prior to joining Free Press, Collette worked as a copywriter and creative lead in the New York office of J. Walter Thompson, where she earned the American Advertising Federation MOSAIC Awards 2013 Grand Prize for Workforce Diversity Communications. She is a proud graduate of Howard University with a B.A. in radio/TV/film production, and an incurable indie singer-songwriter-media maker.

Articles by this author

Monday, December 18, 2017
Net Neutrality: What's Next and How We Win the Fight
1. FCC Chairman Pai will not have the last word. The Dec. 14 vote was disappointing but is absolutely not the end of this fight. Free Press and our allies — plus attorneys general across the country — will have plenty to say in court about the legal mistakes littered throughout this proceeding. 2...
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"The message was overwhelmingly clear: The open internet belongs to the masses, and the masses refuse to let it die." Views
Tuesday, December 12, 2017
6 Incredible Moments from the Nationwide #StopTheFCC Protests for Net Neutrality
From Hadley, Massachusetts, to Torrance, California, and more than 700 stops in between, activists gathered outside Verizon stores and congressional offices to protest the FCC’s plan to roll back Net Neutrality. Trump-appointed FCC Chairman Ajit Pai — a former Verizon lawyer — is leading the push...
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