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On many major issues, from civil rights to voting, the environment to business, who benefits from local policy varies from state to state. And it depends on who makes up your community, who votes in local elections, and who gets the power.  (Photo: Frederick Bass/Getty Images) Views
Thursday, July 26, 2018
Power Grows Closer to Home as Big Government Fails Us
Amid all of the news coming out of the Trump administration in the past couple of weeks, one vision stands out: a disintegrating federal government. If that happens, what’s next? If the stakes weren’t so high, we could enjoy the opportunity to debate the limits of federalism all over again. How...
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Thursday, June 29, 2017
Trumpcare Is Not the Health Plan We Need (but Neither Is the ACA)
This week, the Senate’s plan to gut the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid was reviewed by the Congressional Budget Office. The verdict is that 22 million more people would lose their health insurance under that plan. Compared to the bill in the House of Representatives, under which 23 million would...
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