Cherri Foytlin

Cherri Foytlin is a journalist, mother of six and wife of an oil worker, who lives in south Louisiana. She is the author of "Spill It! The Truth About the Deep Water Oil Rig Explosion," and regularly contributes to, The Huffington Post, and several local newspapers. In the Spring of 2011 she walked to Washington D.C. from New Orleans (1,243 miles) to call for action to stop the BP Drilling Disaster, and has been a constant voice speaking out for the health and ecosystem of Gulf Coast communities, in countless forms of media.

Articles by this author

Tuesday, October 23, 2012
Keystone XL Pipeline Blockaders Face Arrests, Lawsuits in Texas
If TransCanada has its way, almost 1.1 million barrels of tar sands oil -- the world's dirtiest, most toxic, and most difficult-to-clean-up-when-it-spills oil -- will roll down the Keystone XL pipeline to the Gulf of Mexico.
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