Carrie Packwood Freeman

Carrie Packwood Freeman, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor of Communication at Georgia State University. She researches communication strategies for social justice movements as well as the media's coverage of animal agribusiness and veganism. Her master's thesis analyzed the media's construction of farmed animals, and her doctoral dissertation examines how AR organizations construct values related to animal welfare and animal rights in vegetarian campaigns. She's been active in the movement for almost two decades and has run local grassroots groups in Florida, Georgia, and Oregon.

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Sunday, November 20, 2011
Will You Pardon Your Turkey & Eat Him Too, Mr President?
Each Thanksgiving, the President uses his executive powers to publicly pardon the life of a turkey gifted to him from agribusiness in a celebratory press conference. I believe this rather utopian life-saving pardon reveals our collective moral tension over eating fellow animals. The bird’s pardon exists uncomfortably in a gap between the pleasure-seeking advertising of the meat industry and the critical moral rhetoric of animal rights. What does this odd ritual imply regarding American identity, attitudes, and anxieties about raising and killing billions of animals for food?
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