Bill Schubart

Bill Schubart of Hinesburg, VT cofounded Philo Records and Resolution, Inc., a fully integrated e-commerce services partner. He writes and speaks extensively on the media and other civic issues and is currently a commentator for Vermont Public Radio. Schubart has previously chaired the boards of the Vermont Arts Council, Vermont Folklife Center, Vermont Board of Libraries, Vermont Bicentennial Commission, Circus Smirkus, Vermont Public Radio, and Fletcher Allen Health Care. Schubart recently published a book of stories called Lamoille Stories.

Articles by this author

Saturday, February 18, 2012
In the Name of Religion
Whether I am ushered into the next world by a choir of cherubs or a bevy of trident-bearing imps, or whether I just compost quietly in nature’s great recycling system is not a matter on which I spend a great deal of thought. I am, by genetic endowment half-Jewish, by upbringing Roman Catholic, and by choice, agnostic. I neither deny nor assert the existence of God. I have seen the great comfort and goodness wrought by small churches of all persuasions in the small communities in which I have lived.
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