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Anthony Pahnke is the Vice-President of the Family Farm Defenders,

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Farmworkers—according to some estimates numbering approximately three million—are forced to work for next to nothing as the landowners that employ them receive prices that are well below the cost of production. (Photo: Michael Davidson/flickr/cc) Views
Tuesday, May 28, 2019
An Anti-Trust Reboot Could Give Democrats Traction in Rural America
Democrats need to study history and follow the example of Theodore Roosevelt , in other words, become “trust busters.” Roosevelt was a Republican and his willingness to confront the monopolists of his day earned him scorn from some, yet enough support to win the Presidency in 1904. Eventually, the...
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 In this deployment, what have the soldiers done at the border? According to one report, “very little.” (Photo: Caitlin O’hara/AFP/Getty Images) Views
Wednesday, January 02, 2019
Trump's Wasteful Military Venture
The media frenzy surrounding Trump’s political posturing about his wall during the latest government shutdown should not distract us from the fact that 5,000 active duty soldiers remain stationed at the border. This deployment is wasteful, not only of taxpayer dollars, but of potential, valuable...
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There is a single factor that overrides the environmental, economic, and cultural crisis of rural America - overproduction. (Photo: Richard Hurd) Views
Wednesday, October 03, 2018
Bad Farm Policy Contributes to Natural Disasters
Good farm policy works for rural people by stabilizing prices, encouraging the growth of rural communities, and helping farm families deal with natural disasters. This last point is particularly relevant now, as fires rage in the Western US, tornadoes, hurricanes and floods destroy communities...
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