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Ann Garrison is a contributing editor to Black Agenda Report, and a contributor to other outlets including Black Star News, Counterpunch, Pambazuka News, the San Francisco Bay View newspaper, and Pacifica Radio. In 2014, she received the Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza Democracy and Peace Prize for promoting peace through her reporting on conflict in the African Great Lakes region. She can be reached on Twitter at @AnnGarrison and at

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Kizito Mihigo, a popular Rwandan musician, died on February 17, 2020. (Photo: Stephanie Aglietti/AFP via Getty Images) Views
Sunday, February 21, 2021
Kizito Mihigo and the Struggle for Truth and Reconciliation in Rwanda
A year ago Rwandan gospel singer Kizito Mihigo tried to flee Rwanda by crossing its southern border into Burundi. He had already spent four years in prison for recording a song in which he dared to say that the Rwandan Genocide was a tragedy for both of the country's two major ethnicities, Hutu and...
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