Police State

Nika Knight, staff writer
DeploraBall protest
Protesters took to the streets of Washington, D.C. on the eve of President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration, chanting "No Trump! No KKK! No fascist USA!" outside of a party for high-rolling Trump supporters dubbed the "DeploraBall." The demonstrations were met with clouds of tear gas and walls of riot police . The gala , held at the National...
Nika Knight, staff writer
Republican lawmakers around the country are pushing legislation that would...
Nadia Prupis, staff writer
The National Guard has deployed missile launchers to a "critical" Dakota Access...


Marking this "holiday of horrors," another black guy dies - this time on video - another white cop walks. The failure of a New York grand jury to indict Daniel Pantaleo for choking Eric Garner to death quickly sparked a righteous wave of protests and furious chants of "This Stops Today." A stunningly tone-deaf NYPD offered the hashtag #Wehearyou and the vow they're "committed to rebuilding public trust." Hey NYPD: The people have had it. Eric Garner's father: "There is no justice system."