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Common Dreams is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. 

  • Tax ID #20-3368194

We promise to never - ever - sell or give your name or email address to any individual or organization!  See our Privacy Policy.
For questions, please contact:

Bethany Snow
Director of Development


Other ways to Donate to Common Dreams

  • Matching Gifts

Please ask your company about its matching gifts program - the process is usually very simple and it's a great way to increase the value of your donation!

Thousands of companies, including corporations, foundations, nonprofits, and associations, match their employees' charitable contributions - sometimes for as much as double the amount of the initial gift.

In addition to matching gifts of cash, some employers will match your gift of stock or securities. Some even match gifts made by employee spouses, retirees and board members.

  • Gifts of Stock

Do you own stocks, bonds, or mutual funds that you'd like to convert, but you don't want to pay capital gains tax on the appreciation?  Giving non-cash property enables you to help Common Dreams while conserving your cash for other uses. Plus you may gain greater tax savings than you would if you made an equivalent donation of cash.

Your accountant or broker can advise you on the tax consequences of making a gift of stock, bonds or mutual funds to Common Dreams. If you choose to donate non-cash property, please contact

  • Community Foundations

Some of our supporters make donor-advised contributions through their local community foundations. Community foundations make grants to a wide variety of charitable causes.

There are nearly 700 community foundations in the United States. You can find the community foundation in your city or state here, and learn how you can make a donor-advised contribution.

  • Endowment

Like any nonprofit, we struggle with operational costs and how to remain sustainable from year to year. You can help permanently support Common Dreams by making an endowment gift.

Endowment funds are managed to grow steadily over time. Each year, some of the earnings from the funds are distributed. Over time, an endowment helps us count on steady funding to meet our budget expenses. If you have questions about creating an endowment for Common Dreams, please contact

  • Bequests

As you plan for the future of your family, please consider providing for the future of Common Dreams's work as well. Including Common Dreams in your will lets you support your commitment to progressive values well beyond your lifetime.

It's easy to leave a bequest of any specific dollar amount, or a percentage of your estate, by including the proper language in your will. Please have your attorney or accountant contact for any required information regarding our non-profit status or how to leave a bequest.

  • Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Do you have a Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Giving Account? If so, please consider making a donor-advised grant to Common Dreams through your account.