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War on Drugs

Biden's Embrace of Trump-Era Fentanyl Ban 'Threatens to Repeat Past Missteps,' Critics Warn

One expert urged policymakers to "rethink these efforts to double down on fear-based, enforcement-first approaches, and instead invest in public health alternatives."

Kenny Stancil ·

'Major Step Forward' as New Mexico Legalizes Recreational Marijuana

"By ensuring equity and social justice in our cannabis legalization, we are saying 'enough' to the devastating 'war on drugs' that over-incarcerated and over-penalized thousands of New Mexicans."

Jessica Corbett ·

The Fate of Those at the US Border Is Our Fate Too

The United States created a hellish world for millions and now demonizes those trying to escape it.

Robert C. Koehler ·

Disastrous US Drug War Is Key Driver of Displacement in Central America

Why are desperate refugees turning up on the U.S. border? Because we have offloaded the costs of the drug war on Latin America.

Inge Fryklund ·

'New Era for Marijuana Justice': New York Legalization Bill Signed Into Law

One advocate said the law is "rooted in racial and economic justice, in an effort to repair harms while also setting a new standard for anti-racist, class-conscious, and gender-expansive policymaking."

Jessica Corbett ·

Will Drones Really Protect Us?

Drugs, surveillance & the war on terror.

Maya Evans ·

Biden Pushes Colombia to Restart Glyphosate Spraying Program

Experts: “The recently announced decision sends an unfortunate message to the Colombian people that your administration is not committed to abandoning the ineffective and damaging war on drugs internationally."

Common Dreams staff ·

Police De-Militarization Bill Reintroduced to Bar 'Gifts of Grenade Launchers and High-Caliber Rifles'

"Before another town is transformed into a war zone... we must rein in this program and revisit our view of the safety of American cities and towns."

Brett Wilkins ·

'Crucial' New Project Exposes How Far-Reaching US War on Drugs 'Has Contaminated Six Critical Systems'

"If we want drug war reparations," said Drug Policy Alliance's executive director, "we need to identify ALL the ways the drug war intentionally harms our communities."

Jessica Corbett ·

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